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Local Action: Positions of the League of Women Voters of Stanislaus County

Local Program League of Women Voters of Stanislaus County (2018-2019)

Housing (Adopted 1975, updated 1982 and 2003)
We recognize that the need for shelter is fundamental, and that a diverse population will desire a wide selection of housing options. Therefore, we:
A. Support equal opportunity in housing options in Stanislaus County.
B. Support local measures to increase the supply of a diverse range of housing types to serve a diverse population.
C. Support local measures to increase the supply of safe and affordable housing for everyone.

Land Use (Adopted 1976, updated 1988 and 2003)
We recognize that land use decisions have an impact on many areas, notably on the quality of life and on the economy; and we recognize that land itself is an irreplaceable resource that needs to be preserved and protected. We support land use planning that:
A. Protects farmland outside clearly defined urban boundaries to avoid unnecessary conversion of farmlands.
B. Protects the overall quality of environment (soil, air, and water).
C. Provides urban development contiguous with existing development where urban services can be provided.
D. Provides adequate funding for infrastructure needs (transportation, schools, parks, government services and public utilities.)
Land use planning should involve cooperation between and among the various local regional government bodies.

Water Use (adopted 2016)
We support water policies and practices that:
A. Protect and ensure coordinated, sustainable use of groundwater and surface water supplies for urban, agricultural and environmental purposes.
B. Encourage conservation.
C. Promote creation of new water resources such as desalinization, waste water reclamation, recycling and storage.
D. Assure that water supplies meet state and federal quality standards.
E. Make information regarding water supplies and quality clearly, concisely and readily available to the public.

Adult Criminal Justice (Adopted 1980, 1982 and 1984)
We support: A. The funding in Stanislaus County of a wide range of alternatives to incarceration for all but the physically dangerous offender.
B. Efforts to further the expansion of rehabilitative programs and facilities for persons convicted of drug and alcohol abuse.
C. A greater allocation of funds within the criminal justice budget for crime prevention, crime detection and rehabilitation

Child Abuse and Neglect (Adopted 1985, updated 1987)
A. We recognize child abuse as a societal problem; therefore, we support: Legislation, which addresses the jurisdictional, organizational and procedural problems in the prosecution of child abuse cases.
B. Modification of the courtroom process to accommodate child victims.
C. Consistent reporting and recording of child abuse and neglect cases and development of comprehensive statistics.
D. Broad-based prevention programs that are accessible to all family members and take into consideration the ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity of those being served.
E. Efforts of public and private agencies to continually focus public attention on the problems of child abuse and neglect.

Local Library Finance (Adopted 1994, updated 1997 and 2003)
We support long-term, consistent funding of the Stanislaus County Free Library.
A. We strongly support a dedicated source of funds which could be used only for the Library
B. Basic library services should remain free and become more accessible to all Stanislaus County residents in a nondiscriminatory manner.
C. We support a long-range goal of maintaining a library system of excellence.

Gang Violence (Adopted 2007)
In order to address the problem of criminal gang activity within our community, we support the development of culturally diverse intervention and enrichment programs at the elementary school level and beyond.
A. Such programs may include family support, recreational, athletic, academic, creative and/or social activities.
B. We encourage allocation of resources to fund these programs through public, private and/or nonprofit organizations.

Municipal Government (Adopted 2008)
To assure that municipal government is open, accountable, and responsive to residents and to promote full participation by citizens, we support:

  • A system that balances neighborhood needs with citywide perspectives
  • A system that encourages and offers opportunity for increased voter and candidate participation.