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Program Planning

How local leagues contribute to our overall positions

The program planning process is one of the important ways through which the League focuses its grassroots work to align each part of the organization with the others and with the League's mission.

Basics of Program Planning

Program Planning--open to all our members--is an annual process whereby we decide our priorities of focus in the next year based on suggestions from either the national League (LWV) or the LWV California (LWVC).

Program planning is a valuable League tool for identifying issues for focus and for insuring that League resources, human and financial, from our grassroots volunteers to our professional staff, are engaged where they have the most impact. This process is appropriate for all three levels of League. State Leagues undertake program planning before state conventions where a program of education and advocacy for the state League is adopted for the following biennium. Local Leagues do program planning before their annual meetings where local program is adopted for the following year.

What will our top priorities for the coming year be? For which policies should we advocate, educate, and inform?

2019 Program Planning

This year, our Program Planning Meeting will take place

We are being asked to concur with (adopt at State level) two California League organizations on several positions:

For background please see LWVC positions and program planning process.